Friday, October 19, 2007

England's Eccentrics - Mimitig

Musically speaking, this is a rich seam to mine and where do we begin?

Well, quite possibly with the God of English eccentricity in musical terms, who could be more appropriate than the man I like to term St Viv of Stanshall?

Here we have an example of the sweet essence of giraffe, from the wardrobe of his soul.

Of course Viv was just another one who used words and music to define the language. Others before him used music in a subversive way, and here is an example of early protest music – using language to make a point. Of course, you have to live in a democracy to see how this works. I’m not sure if it works in the UK anymore.

I am left (sic) to turn to an American for a final word on protest. This is the man who explains all my typos by the description of the man who spells Henry as Hen3ry – the 3, you see is silent.

We will all go together when we go.


file said...

love this post Mims, will be returning to the vids often I'm sure, much thanksly

mimi said...

I should have credited Neil Innes - to make up for my ommission, read here:

Also, sorry I couldn't find an original Flanders and Swann clip. Will work harder next time!